Why Connemara Ponies?

The Connemara has developed into the top performance pony breed in the world. Its many attributes, trainability and versatility has allowed it to adapt to a host of equestrian sports. Hence the American Connemara Pony breeders Society's slogan,"Connemaras do it all!"

Foremost they are intelligent, responsive, sensible and cool (not hot) headed.

A compact, well balanced riding pony, their body type and strength allow them to cover a lot of ground with free and easy athletic movement. Hence their growing presence in dressage competition where their staying power, intelligence and heart challenge and win over much larger horses. Natural jumping ability and agility make them successful show jumpers, show hunters and eventing ponies. Being robust, with excellent bone, gives them strength and stamina. Together with hardiness and courage these attributes make them outstanding on the cross country or hunting field and in endurance riding. Sure footedness allows them to be used in driving disciplines as well as trekking and pleasure riding. Indeed the Connemara Pony can do it all!

Yet, above all, their kind, trusting natures and biddable dispositions make them ideal willing partners for their riders.

When one thinks of riding a pony, children immediately come to mind. However, the Connemara has always been a suitable mount for children AND adults. In New Zealand, there is a growing demand for ponies among adult riders, especially middle-aged women. The Connemara Pony is an ideal choice!

Did you know...?

There were 3 Connemara ponies in the international finals of the World Mounted Games Championship in 2013.

Many veterinary universities worldwide, including Massey University in New Zealand and Charles Sturt University in Australia, use Connemara ponies to teach the veterinary students practical equine handling and examination skills.

The pony's size and temperaments are considered the safest for learners.

Five Connemara ponies and 2 part breds will represent Ireland in the European Pony Championships in France in 2013.

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