Siamsa The Irish Wolfhound

"The Flower of all his race, so true, so brave
A lamb at home, a lion in the chase".

In 2009, CAPALL STUD was privileged to acquire an Irish Wolfhound bitch from the renowned breeder Lorraine Exely of Owai Irish Wolfhounds, near Dunedin.

Named “Siamsa”, which is the Gaelic word for ‘high jinks’, she has the characteristic temperament of her breed: gentle, affectionate, devoted and highly intelligent. Due to her patient nature she is completely trustworthy around children but be wary of being hit by her wagging tail! Strangers are sometimes initially cautious due to her huge size, but soon realise that she is a gentle giant. She loves to play like an oversized puppy and has amazing stamina.

Despite hours trekking with the ponies on the beach or in the forest within seconds she can put on a burst of speed and chase into the bush. This is typical of Wolfhounds which were bred to hunt and bring down game. They can work independently, at a distance from their owners, make their own decisions and focus intently on the task at hand.

Siamsa is my constant companion and I hope to breed from her in the near future. For further information contact

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